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Aims and Objectives

> To provide affordable quality training in a range of audio skills

> To promote skills sharing across the sector, including radio, podcasting, audiobooks and all forms of audio production

> To encourage new entrants and offer opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnership

> To encourage networking, collaboration and partnership across the sector.

> To promote dIversity in audio production

> To be accessible to all those working in the UK Audio sector

adding musical sparkle to speech-based radio and podcasts

Music has a unique power to lift and enhance audio content. But how to find that perfect track? Is it OK to use it? And how to mix it for the best effect? This short course aims to de-mystifying music for producers and production teams, so they can fully release its potential.

After 3 hours, attendees should know

• What music can add to a production
• What to consider before auditioning tracks
• Where to find music to use
• Musical editing and mixing techniques 

From branding to punctuation, establishing a mood or binding together a package, music has many uses in radio and podcasts. With plenty of audio examples and the chance to try out newly-learned skills, Choosing and Using Music aims to give attendees the skills and confidence needed to add musical magic to their productions.  

Date 23 January 2020
Time 14.00 – 17.30 (to allow for a lunch break after the morning course)
Venue: CTVC, McBeath House, 1st Floor, 310 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7LW, tel 020 7940 8480 
No of places 12 (min 10 to run)
Fees £75 + VAT (2 student places @ £50+VAT). Book now at

Course outline

Introductions and workshop objectives

Why add music? (with examples)

Considerations before selection, including rights issues.

Sources – where to find your music. Plus tips on auditioning

Tea/Coffee (provided)

Mixing and editing tips

Practical exercise – track selection and mix

Playback and summary

Training Provider: CTVC produces high quality radio and TV documentaries for the BBC and others. They also produce podcasts and online video in a variety of styles including drama. As part of this, they regularly select and use music in a variety of styles.

Trainers: Paul Arnold has over 30 years’ experience as a BBC Studio Manager and award-winning Producer of speech radio and podcasts. He spent many years making radio drama as an SM and producer. He also performs and records music, and was trained as a trainer at the BBC.