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> To encourage networking, collaboration and partnership across the sector.

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Negotiation skills have never been more important - or never more in the headlines!  You may not be negotiating the future of the country but you will need to negotiate your own future at some point in your career and you may have to negotiate on behalf of your company, so an understanding of the process and the skills you need is essential


It doesn’t matter whether you are negotiating a new job, a contract or a one off fee mistakes can cost you a lot of money. So learning negotiation skills is not optional but essential and is incredibly useful inside and outside of work.

This half day workshop is targeted at those who want to learn good techniques and strategies for a professional negotiation. The session is lead by Caroline Elliot - she worked in senior management at the BBC with responsibility for negotiating salaries, agreements with unions and dealing with suppliers.

This workshop gives you tips and advice about how to conduct the best possible negotiation introducing different ideas, busting a few myths and giving you the opportunity to practice and get feedback.

When: Saturday, 19 January, 2019   10am - 1pm
Where: Spotlight, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ
14 spaces available @ £75 +VAT (£90 gross) ... book your place now at