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Aims and Objectives

> To provide affordable quality training in a range of audio skills

> To promote skills sharing across the sector, including radio, podcasting, audiobooks and all forms of audio production

> To encourage new entrants and offer opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnership

> To encourage networking, collaboration and partnership across the sector.

> To promote dIversity in audio production

> To be accessible to all those working in the UK Audio sector

from beginner to expert in a day - (this is an archived course)

The aim of the day is to equip producers of podcasts and radio content with the confidence and skills to use different microphones, recorders and associated equipment in interviews, from the basic 1-to-1 to the more complex and challenging, involving multiple voices and microphones.

The day will cover:

Delivering an income-generating tape-sync. What you need, what to do and what to expect.

Microphone types:  You will gain an insight into the most suitable models, both mono and stereo, to use both in, and out of, the studio for varied applications. 

This will cover:Iain Betson headshot

• Microphone pick-up patterns: the five main types
• The difference between dynamic and condenser models
• Phantom power: Why some microphone require power to work 
• Setup of stereo microphone pairs
• Microphones for different recording applications and locations
• Handling techniques to avoid unwanted noise and how to position the microphone to get the best quality.
• Audio monitoring: Speakers, headphones and meters.
• The technical setup for situations that require multiple microphones, their connection to a recorder or mixer and balancing all signals to produce a quality recording.

This knowledge will be backed-up by practical demonstrations in the studio to illustrate how different pick-up patterns effect what is recorded, and thus sound, in interview scenarios, such as 1-to-1 and 1-to-many.

Building on this we will cover multi-microphone setup and balance techniques as used in a round-table/group discussions and music recording. 

As well as the studio our venue, The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith offers different locations, both internal and external, with which to test out your microphone techniques and recording skill and knowledge. 

Part of the day will involve a practical exercise, so please bring your recording equipment with you. 

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Booking information

Date & time: 23 May 2019, 10.00 am to 4.30 pm
Venue: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, West London
12 places - only 3 left

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