Cathy FitzgeraldBest Arts/Music Documentary/Feature Maker

This category celebrates the best of culture-based audio and radio, based around the arts or music & other related topics. Listeners will be able to see the level of insight & knowledge into the chosen topic, and the programme will be exceptionally produced.

Cathy Fitzgerald (White Stiletto Productions) GOLD - "This producer has been consistently inventive. They exhibited extraordinary skill, taking archive material and forming something so fresh and clever, that their work felt like an art in its own right."

Victoria Ferran (Just Radio Ltd) SILVER

Natalie Steed (Freelance) BRONZE

Mark CarterBest Current Affairs Documentary/Feature Maker - sponsored by ipdtl logo

Led by the current affairs agenda, content may include investigative, news, or foreign reporting, as well as science, issue or ideas programmes based around our rapidly changing world.

Mark Carter (BBC Sussex) GOLD - "This was colourful, informative and local journalism at its best. Using an impressive and considered range of production techniques, we learned not just about the platform complaints and politics of a region in the grip of horrendous transport problems, but also the human heartache of babies missed, children not kissed and jobs under threat. This was a story of national importance that through solid journalism put affected listeners front and centre. They threw everything at this key local story and it worked."

Peggy Sutton (Somethin' Else) SILVER

Deborah Dudgeon (Whistledown Productions) BRONZE

Hana Walker-BrownBest Creative Documentary/Feature Maker - sponsored by whickers world logo

Celebrating an exceptional understanding and use of sound to convey a story or emotion, Best Creative Documentary/Feature Maker looks for beautifully creative and challenging audio in the form of a podcast, documentary or short feature form.

Hana Walker-Brown (Freelance) GOLD - "The story of the shipwreck survivor was one of the most beautiful and artistic pieces of audio that we’ve heard in a long time.  It was simply told with a truly evocative soundscape which transported us to the Pacific Ocean and created the most dramatic pictures.  There were powerful pauses in the narrative where the sounds of sea and creaking wood continued the story in a subtle, understated and deeply affecting way.  This has been made by a producer who clearly understands the power of storytelling and how to use sound to build pictures in listeners’ minds."

Cathy Fitzgerald (White Stiletto Productions) SILVER

Adam Fowler (Overtone Productions Ltd) BRONZE 

Best Comedy Producer

Be it a sitcom, scripted comedy, sketch shows or panel shows; if it was designed to make you laugh, it fits the bill. This category celebrates comedy in all forms of audio, from traditional comedy broadcast to more innovative forms of comedy on-air.

Matt Stronge (BBC Studios Comedy) GOLD - "Matt demonstrated mastery of both established and new programmes and delivered content with mainstream appeal alongside suitably edgy fare. He has also clearly made an impressive commitment to working with, and growing, new talent."

Benjamin Partridge (Freelance) SILVER

David Tyler (Pozzitive Television) BRONZE

Ed Morrish (with Pippa Evans)Best Entertainment Producer - sponsored by heavy entertainment logo

This category showcases the work of an incredible entertainment producer – someone who understands how to create content, keep it fresh and ensure that the audience are entertained & amused.

Ed Morrish (Freelance, shown right with award presenter Pippa Evans) GOLD - "This was an accomplished piece. It took a daring approach to a tough topic and took the listeners on a range of emotions; compassion, heartbreak, humour, optimism and more.  This was an original, impressive piece with superb production values.  The producer’s use of an entertainment format shone new light on two very different but equally personal and emotional subjects allowing their presenters’ talents to shine, their audiences to be charmed and enlightened. " 

Adem Waterman (Absolute Radio) SILVER

Darby Dorras (Somethin' Else) BRONZE

David AkosimBest Music Producer

This award is for an exceptional producer working in music.  The winning producer has an innate understanding and appreciation of the music and the genre, as well as forward-thinking creativity and excellent production values.

David Akosim (Somethin' Else) GOLD - "This entry had scale and confidence, clearly demonstrating ambition and creative excellence. It featured an impressive range of voices in both presenters and guests. The joy in their subject matter was infectious, and real voices were heard with stories that resonated. There was a clear passion and understanding of the genre. Of particular note were the Jamaica Specials which were outstanding in their quality. Anyone can fly to Jamaica to record a programme, but this producer sought out interviews full of colour with editorial to match. These programmes made for a compelling listening experience."

Jack Howson (Reduced Listening) SILVER

Dan Moss (Somethin' Else) BRONZE 

Steve BondBest Sound Design/Engineer - sponsored by wired logo

Capturing the atmosphere of musical performances in concerts, festivals and studios or exceptionally engineering a studio recording, these sound designers & engineers are the best in their game.

Steve Bond (Freelance) GOLD"This is a sound designer who is pushing the boundaries of our listening experience. Through a range of examples, they created evocative, powerful scenes and an intense and intimate internal experience. The extracts made pictures in our minds which stayed long after the sounds had gone. This is a work of a master of the craft."

Matt Thompson (Wireless Theatre Company) SILVER

Marley Cole (Resonance) BRONZE

Best Podcast Producer - sponsored by devaweb logoEva Krysiak

This award is for an outstanding Podcast Producer who truly understands the podcast medium and its audience.  A podcast full of compelling content combined with creativity that takes full advantage of the medium, the winning producer has an innate understanding of the podcast world.

Eva Krysiak (Everyone Else) GOLD"A standout entry of pure storytelling that used the podcast form to do something original and different. It was exceptionally well edited and the production decisions had clearly been guided by the content to produce something with vivid imagery and an arresting soundscape. The judges congratulate her on her innovation, and on the courage it takes to step outside the well-trodden formats of real life crime drama or presenter-led opinion show to create something striking and unique."

Mark Sandell (Wisebuddah) SILVER

Max Sanderson (The Guardian & Radio Wolfgang) BRONZE


Thom HoffmanBest Digital Producer

This award recognises an individual who understands the social media environment, and is able to deliver smart, creative content that makes full use of the platform it’s on. 

Thom Hoffman (Freelance) GOLD"The Judges were impressed by the clarity of narrative and graphic aesthetic used in this producer's video and online media.  They also appreciated the fact that the look of each piece had obviously been thought about and designed around the original audio. In particular they loved the 'How to manage your worries' video, which gave a greater insight to the subject than the audio alone would have done."

Carl Frazer-Lunn (Absolute Radio) SILVER

Simon Poole (Somethin' Else) BRONZE


Best Drama Producer

This award is for an exceptional audio drama producer.  For an individual who is able to bring the story, the characters and narrative, to life through skillful production.

Lance Dann (Resonance) GOLD - "This is a deeply captivating drama that worked on multiple levels. The judges described the use of music and sound effects as 'brilliant' - taking the listener beyond the audio experience into an immersive world. The entry was at times deliberately bewildering, drawing the listener further in to the complexity and drama of the story. A stand-out entry!"

Judith Kampfner (Corporation for Independent Media) SILVER

Polly Thomas (Naked Productions) BRONZE

Best Audiobook/Readings Producer -
sponsored by AVResilience logoChris Thompson

This award recognises the skills, creativity and insight that comes with being an exceptional audiobook producer. Bringing a story to life, these producers are incredibly talented when it comes to the creation of audiobooks.

Chris Thompson (Heavy Entertainment) GOLD"This producer is clearly a masterful audio producer who can translate the written word into audio with emotion, suspense and humour across a wide variety of styles. Readers were expertly directed and the producer has a supreme sense of pace and timing, which creates a hugely enjoyable listening experience. Congratulations."

Samuel Gunn (Heavy Entertainment) SILVER

Joanna Green (Greenlit Productions Ltd) BRONZE


Best NewVictoria Ferran Producer

To honour a newcomer to audio production who has shown great potential. This individual has shown their dedication, talent and creativity towards their medium, with signs of becoming an exceptional producer in the future.

Victoria Ferran
(Just Radio Ltd) GOLD - "Victoria produced a wide range of content with a fantastic ability to portray several different topics. With a beautiful ear she produced truly classy work, with a great use of archive and music. "

Adem Waterman (Absolute Radio) SILVER

Annabelle Buckland (JACK fm) BRONZE 

Liam HadleyBest Station Sound Producer - sponsored by Arqiva logo

An award that celebrates the work of station sound producers, exceptional creativity in audio branding and station promotion, from station IDs &  jingles to music beds, voiceovers, programme trails and promotions.

Liam Hadley (BBC Radio Pop Hub Station Sound) GOLD - "This showed great creativity with an excellent range of work over the year and clever mixing of archive and current sounds – for many judges it hit their emotional buttons of vintage.  Great potential for a future producer – we can’t wait to see what they do next!"

James Stodd (Celador Radio) SILVER

Rob Green (Audio Always) BRONZE


Phil MaguireGrassroots Production Award

The Grassroots Production Award celebrates an individual, production company, radio station or community-based organisation that has shown extraordinary achievement in identifying, nurturing or mentoring new and diverse talent to the audio industry.

National Prison Radio: GOLD - "This is a radio station that finds talent from its own audience, many of whom clearly gain their confidence and experience through this station. It was a real showcase of ‘high standard talent’- capable of wider possibilities and opportunities in the wider audio industry. A diverse range of examples which are very real, connected, and very professionally delivered. An inspiring listen, with a clear acknowledgement from the judges that the work highlighted in this entry demonstrates it being extraordinary in identifying nurturing and mentoring new talent."

Podium.Me Production Team: SILVER

Reform Radio: BRONZE


Best New Voice

Best New Voice celebrates exceptional presenters who have either recently entered the broadcasting or podcasting world or gained significant mainstream recognition for the first time.

Ellie Cawthorne GOLD - "Her report on the scam Essay writing industry for Radio 4, A Degree of Fraud, displayed skill as a tenacious, accessible and trustworthy guide for listeners to the subject under investigation. She is one to watch and listen to for a new generation; the winner of the New Voice Gold Award is Ellie Cawthorne."

Ed Miliband SILVER

Harrison Stock BRONZE

Dotun AdebayoBest Presenter Speech - sponsored by Arqiva logo

Best Presenter – Speech celebrates exceptional on-air talent presenting speech programmes or podcasts.  Over time, they’ve shown evidence of compelling conversation, brilliant interviews, creativity and connection with their audience.

WINNER: Dotun Adebayo - "The judges were impressed with the journalistic approach and lively style of this presenter. Their focus on the audience and thinking about how best to entertain was clear. A wonderful warm talent that is a joy to listen to."

Best Presenter Music - sponsored by Arqiva logoLauren Laverne

The shortlist for Best Presenter – Music have been nominated for exceptional on-air talent presenting music programmes or podcasts.  The nominees show a complete understanding of the music genre they are in, an ability to share that passion, plus creativity and connection with their audience.

WINNER: Lauren Laverne - "The knowledge and enthusiasm behind her music choices becomes an inclusive and inspirational thing for listeners daily, and her warmth, skill and humour at interviewing musicians and songwriters is exemplary. A unique and consistent talent, that continues to be a joy to listen to. "

Adam SimsNarrator of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates an audiobook narrator who has demonstrated exceptional interpretation of the written word over the year, as exemplified by a single work.

WINNER: Adam Sims (ID Audio) - 
"The judges remarked on the thoughtful deliberate pace that Adam Sims brings to the emotive story - Flowers for Algernon.  The extract in the entry was well chosen and invited us into the world of Charlie Gordon in a way that felt genuine and personal."

PRA team

Indie of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates a company’s success across the year. Considering creative excellence, business challenges and the breadth of content created, this category celebrates those who have pushed creative boundaries, as well as a forward-thinking approach to their company.

WINNER: PRA Productions  - "In a strong field this flourishing Indie was a clear winner. The judges were in awe of the sheer range, imagination and ambition of the output bringing remarkable, challenging stories to air through drama, live events, music shows, factual entertainment, documentary and debate. Judges were impressed with the Indie’s knack for accessing a range of voices and stories that are rarely heard on air. The Web Sheikh, a brilliant interview with a mother and her son, who has been radicalised online, and a 'soundscape with loan sharks’ were fresh, challenging and insightful. Letters Live, a broadcast event were inmate’s deepest thoughts are given voice using the vocal talents of A list celebrities was both the wackiest stand up show of any finalist and profoundly moving. The judges were clearly able to see how such content is changing lives.  The fact that National Prison Radio exists at all is something to celebrate. They have grown 54% in the past year and are producing some of the most creative and diverse audio on the planet, makes them solid gold."

Tony BlackburnGold Award 

WINNER: Tony Blackburn - "I’m going to get onto his awards and achievements and the serious stuff in a minute, but I want to start by saying a massive thank you to Tony Blackburn for putting a smile on the nation’s face for over 50 years. Tony’s been at the top of the business for all that time because he has that rare gift of being able to instantly connect with people. He’s on record as saying, ‘I'm not a showbiz person. I just enjoy talking nonsense on the radio ... Well, nothing wrong with that…  " click here for full citation.


Phil CritchlowLifetime Achievement Award

WINNER: Phil Critchlow - TBI Media & the Radio Independents Group - "So here’s my dilemma. I’m presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award and traditionally, in my best Michael Aspel way, I’m supposed to slowly build up to revealing the person’s identity with a series of hints and clues that keep everyone guessing until the last moment.  But the problem is that tonight’s winner is just too talented. Almost everything he’s done has been so huge and ground-breaking, and has won so many awards that there’s almost nothing I can say that won’t give the game away.' - click here for full citation.