Note: Categories in no particular order.  Shortlist in alphabetical order, unless numbers are used in which case numbers will come first.   

Best Arts/Music Documentary/Feature Maker

This category celebrates the best of culture-based audio and radio, based around the arts or music & other related topics. Listeners will be able to see the level of insight & knowledge into the chosen topic, and the programme will be exceptionally produced.

Cathy Fitzgerald (White Stiletto Productions)
Mark Sharman (TBI Media)
Natalie Steed (Whistledown Productions)
Peter Curran (The Foghorn Company)
Ruth Evans (Ruth Evans Productions Ltd)
Victoria Ferran (Just Radio Ltd) 

Best Current Affairs Documentary/Feature Maker - sponsored by ipdtl logo

Led by the current affairs agenda, content may include investigative, news, or foreign reporting, as well as science, issue or ideas programmes based around our rapidly changing world.

Anishka Sharma (Whistledown Productions)
Deborah Dudgeon (Whistledown Productions)
Kati Whitaker (Kati Whitaker Productions)
Mark Carter (BBC Sussex)
Peggy Sutton (Somethin' Else)
Tim Johns (BBC Radio 2)

Best Creative Documentary/Feature Maker - sponsored by whickers world logo

Celebrating an exceptional understanding and use of sound to convey a story or emotion, Best Creative Documentary/Feature Maker looks for beautifully creative and challenging audio in the form of a podcast, documentary or short feature form.

Adam Fowler (Overtone Productions Ltd)
Cathy Fitzgerald (White Stiletto Productions)
Claire Crofton (Freelance)
Hana Walker-Brown (Freelance)
Luke Doran (BBC Radio 4 / 4 Extra)
Peter Sale (Freelance) 

Best Comedy Producer

Be it a sitcom, scripted comedy, sketch shows or panel shows; if it was designed to make you laugh, it fits the bill. This category celebrates comedy in all forms of audio, from traditional comedy broadcast to more innovative forms of comedy on-air.

Alexandra Smith (BBC Studios Comedy)
Benjamin Partridge (Freelance)
David Tyler (Pozzitive Television)
Joseph Nunnery (BBC Studios Comedy)
Matt Stronge (BBC Studios Comedy)
Richard Morris (BBC Studios Comedy) 

Best Entertainment Producer - sponsored by heavy entertainment logo

This category showcases the work of an incredible entertainment producer – someone who understands how to create content, keep it fresh and ensure that the audience are entertained & amused.

Adem Waterman (Absolute Radio)
Ben Walker (Ora et Labora)
Darby Dorras (Somethin' Else)
Ed Morrish (Freelance)
Jacqueline Malcolm (Spreeboy Publishing - Jabber Talk)
Tony McShane (Metro Radio/TFM)

Best Music Producer

This award is for an exceptional producer working in music.  The winning producer has an innate understanding and appreciation of the music and the genre, as well as forward-thinking creativity and excellent production values.

Ben Walker (Ora et Labora)
Dan Moss (Somethin' Else)
David Akosim (Somethin' Else)
Guy Bellamy (Meridian FM)
Helen Weatherhead (Wisebuddah)
Jack Howson (Reduced Listening) 

Best Sound Design/Engineer - sponsored by wired logo

Capturing the atmosphere of musical performances in concerts, festivals and studios or exceptionally engineering a studio recording, these sound designers & engineers are the best in their game.

Alistair Lock (B7 Productions Limited)
Wilfredo Acosta (Freelance)
Matt Thompson (Wireless Theatre Company)
Marley Cole (Resonance)
Steve Bond (Freelance)
Joe Richardson (Wireless Theatre Company) 

Best Podcast Producer - sponsored by devaweb logo

This award is for an outstanding Podcast Producer who truly understands the podcast medium and its audience.  A podcast full of compelling content combined with creativity that takes full advantage of the medium, the winning producer has an innate understanding of the podcast world.

Eva Krysiak (Everyone Else)
Jonny Haw (Joe Shmo Productions)
Kate Taylor (Whistledown)
Mark Sandell (Wisebuddah)
Max Sanderson (The Guardian & Radio Wolfgang) 

Best Digital Producer

This award recognises an individual who understands the social media environment, and is able to deliver smart, creative content that makes full use of the platform it’s on. 

Carl Frazer-Lunn (Absolute Radio)
Dan Fox (B7 Productions Ltd)
Patrick Vickers (Whistledown and UCL)
Peter Curran (The Foghorn Company)
Simon Poole (Somethin' Else)
Thom Hoffman (Freelance) 

Best Drama Producer

This award is for an exceptional audio drama producer.  For an individual who is able to bring the story, the characters and narrative, to life through skillful production.

Andrew Mark Sewell (B7 Productions Limited)
David Beck (Wireless Theatre Company)
Judith Kampfner (Corporation for Independent Media)
Lance Dann (Resonance)
Polly Thomas (Naked Productions)
Roger James Elsgood (Art and Adventure Ltd)

Best Audiobook/Readings Producer - sponsored by AVResilience logo

This award recognises the skills, creativity and insight that comes with being an exceptional audiobook producer. Bringing a story to life, these producers are incredibly talented when it comes to the creation of audiobooks.

Chris Thompson (Heavy Entertainment)
Clive Brill (Brill Productions Ltd)
Joanna Green (Greenlit Productions Ltd)
Samuel Gunn (Heavy Entertainment)

Best New Producer

To honour a newcomer to audio production who has shown great potential. This individual has shown their dedication, talent and creativity towards their medium, with signs of becoming an exceptional producer in the future.

Adem Waterman (Absolute Radio)
Annabelle Buckland (JACK fm)
Kate Holland (Whistledown)
Gabriela Jones (Freelance/The Guardian)
Tom Riste-Smith (We Are Grape)
Victoria Ferran (Just Radio Ltd)

Best Station Sound Producer - sponsored by Arqiva logo

An award that celebrates the work of station sound producers, exceptional creativity in audio branding and station promotion, from station IDs &  jingles to music beds, voiceovers, programme trails and promotions.

Adam Burgess, Tom Cross, Paul Rushforth, Grant Brodie, Vishwanath Balakrishnan, Mate Stojic, Paul Werner (Contraband Media)
Ben Stones (BBC Radio Pop Hub Station Sound)
James Stodd (Celador Radio)
Liam Hadley (BBC Radio Pop Hub Station Sound)
Rob Green (Audio Always)
Tom Cross, Adam Burgess & Paul Rushforth (Contraband Media) 

Grassroots Production Award

The Grassroots Production Award celebrates an individual, production company, radio station or community-based organisation that has shown extraordinary achievement in identifying, nurturing or mentoring new and diverse talent to the audio industry.

Somer Valley FM
National Prison Radio
Podium.Me Production Team
Reform Radio
Guy Bellamy

Best New Voice

Best New Voice celebrates exceptional presenters who have either recently entered the broadcasting or podcasting world or gained significant mainstream recognition for the first time.

Andrew Loog Oldham
Brittany Taylor
Ed Miliband
Ellie Cawthorne
Harrison Stock
Soweto Kinch

Best Presenter Speech - sponsored by Arqiva logo

Best Presenter – Speech celebrates exceptional on-air talent presenting speech programmes or podcasts.  Over time, they’ve shown evidence of compelling conversation, brilliant interviews, creativity and connection with their audience.

Alan Robson
Dotun Adebayo
Gemma Cairney
Jane Garvey
Ian McMillan

Best Presenter Music - sponsored by Arqiva logo

The shortlist for Best Presenter – Music have been nominated for exceptional on-air talent presenting music programmes or podcasts.  The nominees show a complete understanding of the music genre they are in, an ability to share that passion, plus creativity and connection with their audience.

Clara Amfo
Goldierocks/Sam Hall
Lauren Laverne
Steve Lamacq
Tom Service

Narrator of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates an audiobook narrator who has demonstrated exceptional interpretation of the written word over the year, as exemplified by a single work.

Adam Sims (ID Audio)
Aysha Kala (ID Audio)
Cathleen McCarron (Harper Collins) 
Emma Swan (RNIB)
Hugh Bonneville (Harper Collins)
Michael Sheen  (Penguin Random House)

Indie of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates a company’s success across the year. Considering creative excellence, business challenges and the breadth of content created, this category celebrates those who have pushed creative boundaries, as well as a forward-thinking approach to their company.

PRA Productions  
Reduced Listening Company
TBI Media