The Winners of the 2016 APAs were as follows, and where possible there is a link to their winning audio right after their name
(for rights or other reasons, not every winner has associated audio)

THE WINNERS IN BRIEF - please scroll down for full details, clips etc
Desmond Carrington in studioStephen Fry was honoured with the Gold award, saying “audio is his life” whilst retired BBC Radio 2 presenter Desmond Carrington (right) was given the Lifetime Achievement Award. Whistledown Productions took home the top Indie of the Year award, and James Shield, a freelance, won TWO awards.
BEST DRAMA PRODUCER: Boz Temple-Morris (Holy Mountain)
BEST MUSIC PRODUCER: Alannah Chance (Reduced Listening)
NEW VOICE AWARD: Jacob Pollard (Roundhouse Radio)
BEST NEWCOMER: James Shield (Freelance)
BEST SOUND DESIGNER/ENGINEER: Steve Urquhart (Freelance)
BEST MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCER: Kate Valentine (Digital Drama)
BEST READINGS/ AUDIOBOOK PRODUCER; David Roper (Heavy Entertainment)
BEST PRESENTER – MUSIC: Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6 Music)
GOLD AWARD: Stephen Fry
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Desmond Carrington (BBC Radio 2)
INDIE OF THE YEAR: Whistledown Productions

1.       BEST DOCUMENTARY/FEATURE MAKER, sponsored by Heavy Entertainment logo - 7 quality audio studios and video production, Soho

For general feature and documentary making including all areas of non-topical news features and documentaries.  Typically this might include historical, arts, lifestyle features and documentaries.

  • Hana Walker-Brown (freelance) - click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "This entry displayed an exceptional range, enormous creativity and sensitivity and beautiful storytelling. Her content made for uncomfortable, moving, thought-provoking listening: everything audio should be. Hana Walker-Brown is a highly gifted story teller and sound-smith. Her productions use a range of subtle techniques, approaches and textures that always honour the subject matter and her work is rooted in the best tradition of radio feature making but effortlessly incorporates the dynamism and new aesthetics of podcasting. Through her work, she is a fearless and passionate advocate of audio as a powerful medium for any story in this visual age."


For news and current affairs documentary and feature making, including investigative documentaries, topical issues and foreign reporting.  Typically, entries should be led or inspired by the news agenda or contemporary life, but may also include human stories, comment or science reporting.

  • Christian Spooner (BBC Radio Merseyside) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "This was powerful, poignant and sensitive radio, with contributors who clearly trusted Christian to tell their accounts with compassion and honesty. He brought fresh, humanising perspectives and treatments to a story we might have felt we'd heard many times before. The use of music and archive was treated with care and sensitivity, helping to create beautifully layered, emotional pieces of radio. Christian clearly has huge commitment to the story and you could hear his dedication to the production process throughout."

3.       BEST COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER, sponsored by  the Voiceover Network

For comedy and other entertainment audio content or programming including panel games, but excluding music & drama.

  • Gus Beattie  (The Comedy Unit) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "Gus demonstrated an impressive array of production styles and an enjoyable range of sub-genres within the comedy bracket. We could really feel how his input had helped to shape the written material into well crafted output, and - most importantly of all - this was the entry that made us laugh the most, unanimously. A really strong selection of clips that demonstrate both his excellent editorial judgment and his production skills."

4.       BEST MUSIC PRODUCER, sponsored by  Roberts Radio logo

For music audio content or programming including music-based documentaries and sequence programmes.

  • Alannah Chance (Reduced Listening) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "This programme was constantly surprising, thoughtful and thought-provoking. The breadth of Alannah's work and the sheer creativity and variety - coupled with top notch production values - made this entry stand out. An extraordinary listening experience - it captivated the mind, compelling us to listen right through to the last seconds. A brilliant example of the power of radio."

5.       BEST SOUND DESIGNER/ENGINEER, sponsored by  Wired Broadcast logo

For production and broadcast (live or pre-recorded) capturing the atmosphere of musical performances in concerts, festivals and studios. Or for sound designers (studio managers or engineers) working on any type of production. 

  • Steve Urquhart (freelance) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "The judges were impressed with Steve’s variety of styles and innovative skills, showcasing his ability to take the listener straight into other worlds using only audio. His varied and gritty approach to storytelling combined with his attention to detail, shone throughout his entry. Steve is happy manipulating processed sounds and music with an accomplished use of the stereo sound field, yet he’s brave enough to let the audio breathe when required."

6.       BEST PODCAST/ ONLINE PRODUCER, sponsored by  Panoply logo

For the creation of audio programming and/or podcasts, designed solely for online transmission or distribution.

  • James Shield (freelance) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "The judges thought the entry had great creative value, using an inventive mixture of interviews, music, archive and discussion. James's production brought slick, flavoursome storytelling to complex and (usually rather dry) economic issues. The engaging dialogue between the two presenters imparted warmth and information in equal measure, without insulting anyone's intelligence. The listener is lightly and painlessly drawn in high-concepts and alternative slants on 'There-is-no-alternative' mainstream economic dogma. Highly diverting and entertaining. Congratulations James."


For the creative extension of audio programming onto other media platforms.  Judges will be looking for the visionary of the future. 

  • Kate Valentine (Digital Drama) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "The judges in this category felt that Kate demonstrated an impressive and varied portfolio of work, in particular enjoying her evocative telling of the story of VE day and her work on the Shakespeare Hut. Individual testimonies were combined with sound effects and music to dramatise sometimes difficult subject matters in a sensitive and compelling way."

8.       BEST DRAMA PRODUCER, sponsored by Ecovis Wingrave Yeats logo

For the production of audio drama, dramatised readings, spoken word and creative writing. Judging criteria will include the range and choice of material, performance, direction and production values. 

  • Boz Temple-Morris (Holy Mountain) click here for the winning audio sample (30 mins)

    Citation: "All of the clips were gripping, enthralling and left us wanting to hear more. There was a great use of background sound to augment the actors' work. We really admired the range of work and subject matter here, and how Boz pushes the boundaries of a typical "Radio 4 listen"."

9.       BEST READINGS / AUDIOBOOK PRODUCER, sponsored by the Voice Squad

For the production of broadcast readings or audio books. Judging criteria will include the range and choice of material, performance, direction and production values.

  • David Roper (Heavy Entertainment) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "The audiobook goes from strength to strength as listening continues to grow and more titles are being published in 2016 than ever before. In order to capture the attention of listeners in a world where audio is everywhere, the skill of the producer is more important than ever. David's work ranges from unabridged audiobooks to radio readings and we were unanimous in our appreciation of the immersive, intimate quality which drew us all into the heart of the story. His productions have perfect pitch and pace, and his skilful use of additional audio, location recordings and multiple voices really made David’s entry stand out."

10.   BEST NEWCOMER, sponsored by R Extra logo - DAB platform for radio art and experimental sound

To honour a newcomer to audio production who has shown great potential. The judges will be looking for evidence of a sustained contribution to a production or production company, or for a remarkable debut as a producer or engineer. 

  • James Shield (freelance) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "Very funny and accessible opening to the Neoliberalism podcast. Great historical/political contextualisation in the audio montage. We now want to listen to the whole series! Such a nice conversational tone and chemistry between the hosts. Very nice Hayek-kayak-date-gaff segue. Impressive research has gone into this, but the presentation of the content remains dynamic and engaging. Great audio montages to set the scene. Clever introduction to the audience of complex terms like heterodox economist. James Shield's work is as fun and engaging as it is heavy-hitting. Millennials, look no further for a quirky, humane and compelling introduction to numbers and politics."

11.   BEST STATION SOUND PRODUCER, sponsored by  AVResilience logo

For producers in radio/audio imaging. Judges will be looking for exceptional creativity across the full range of audio branding, including voiceovers, music beds, sweepers, intros, promos, liners, stingers, bumpers, shotguns, and jingles. 

  • Chris Ward (Bauer Media) click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "Chris’s winning entry really cut through both in terms of messages, chosen audio and emotional connection. In a crowded radio marketplace, this entry stood out and Chris demonstrated real creativity and passion for his craft. "

12.   GRASSROOTS PRODUCTION AWARD, sponsored by RIGtrain logo

For an individual, production company, radio station, audio brand or community-based organisation that has shown extraordinary achievement in identifying, nurturing or mentoring new and diverse talent to the audio industry.  This category is not aimed at the new talent themselves.

  • National Prison Radio [no audio]

    Citatiaon: "This radio station fits the criteria beautifully. It was ‘production excellence and a gripping listening experience’ throughout. The commitment to nurturing scores of producers is nothing less than impressive and the standard and quality of production exceptionally high."

13.   NARRATOR OF THE YEAR, sponsored by Sue Terry logo 

Recognising the year’s best performance by the narrator of an audiobook or readings series. Judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding vocal capabilities and sensitivity across a wide range of material.

  • Daniel Weyman - click here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation:"Totally professional. This entry had excellent pacing and timing, good range, and a skilful interpretation of dialogue. It was a believable, engaging, enjoyable listen – even when the subject matter verged on the grotesque! A worthy winner. "


For exceptional on-mic talent presenting speech programmes.  As well as being judged on exceptional audio/radio content, criteria will include rapport with the production team, creativity and the willingness to regularly go above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Fi Glover (BBC Radio 4) [no audio]

    Citation:"An exceptional natural broadcaster whose warmth, wit and humour is always to the fore. She has pioneered a people-first approach to her broadcasting: listening and respecting her interviewees, and never ever judging them. Her sheer enthusiasm for the projects she works on, some of which are her own ideas and formats, makes her a real producer’s friend. "


For exceptional on-mic talent presenting music programmes. As well as being judged on exceptional audio/radio content, criteria will include rapport with the production team, creativity and the willingness to regularly go above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6 Music) [no audio]

    Citation: "The judges felt Cerys was a standout winner in her category. She never puts herself in the way of the music she is talking about, makes lateral connections in genres and styles, and has a fundamental respect for performers of all backgrounds. Her taste is not just eclectic, it's uber-eclectic without forcing the listener to feel wrapped in some artificial zeitgeist. She is always generous towards her producers, asks their opinions about what works and what doesn't, and always works hard to get the programme balance just right. As well as her regular shows on 6 Music and BBC World Service, she has also presented documentaries for BBC Radio 4 including a highly successful series on the EMI archives called His Master's Voices."


For exceptional presenters who, although already established in the audio/radio sector, have not yet achieved mainstream recognition. Entrants should not be brand new to the audio industry as judges will be looking for a track record which points to their great future potential.

  • Jacob Pollard (Roundhouse Radio) [no audio]

    Citation:"A genuine new, and undiscovered voice, who has true radio presence beyond his years. He is a music presenter who is knowledgeable, aware of the richness of music's heritage as well as its new emerging talent. He has worked on 96.4 Eagle Radio, County Sound, and Resonance FM, but has found a very happy home at Roundhouse Radio, the online youth station based at the renowned Camden music venue in North London. His regular programme Soul Spectrum allows him to champion new soul and R'n'B artists, and rediscover old gems."


For an individual who has made an outstanding contribution, usually over a number of years, to the independent radio and audio production sector in the UK.

  • Stephen Fry - please click here for his acceptance speech on YouTube

    Citation: "This award goes to a veritable audio institution. He never fails to bring a special flair to every reading. World-renowned for his quintessentially British charm and dry humour, he is a broadcasting legend with an unapologetic passion for audio."


An 'on-the-night" surprise and very special award for a truly exceptional broadcaster, whose on-air presence is a lifetime in itself - over 70 years!.

  • Desmond Carrington - please click here for his acceptance speech on Soundcloud

    Citation: "For his faithful audience, he’s managed that difficult trick. To became a real, and lasting friend. He turned 90 earlier this year and retired on 28th October from the show he’d been presenting since October 1981. The music he’s played. The charm he’s demonstrated. The fact that he was broadcasting during the second world war could suggest his audience was primarily those who’d grown up with him. But his appeal was far broader. Desmond has shown an independent spirit from the start - and indeed he formed what was effectively the first Independent Production Company in the 1950s to make programmes for the BBC. He’s also been a member of the Radio Independents Group from the beginning ..." Please click here for the full valediction.  


Recognises a company’s success across the year.  Entries welcome from the smallest to the largest companies. Judges will consider the level of creative excellence as well as business challenges and growth of the company during the qualifying period, and taking into account the size of the company. 

  • Whistledown Productionsclick here for the winning audio sample (15 mins)

    Citation: "The winner is a company which is thriving, taking advantage of new markets and advancing on more traditional territory. Their range is wide and ambitious, from inspirational and important globe-trotting stories to character comedy, all presented with editorial rigour. Aural treats, bursting with quiet confidence."