We introduced a new online entry system last year - more flexible and, we believe, easier to use:

  • you only need to put in your details once, when you first register,
  • once registered as an entrant, you can put in as many entries as you want and save them as drafts,
  • you can revise your draft entries repeatedly, until you are happy with them
  • only when you are completely happy with each one do you need to advance to payment and submit it - you don't need to submit all at the same time
  • you can have a mixture of entries, eg nominating yourself for some categories, and nominating others for the same or other awards

Even if you are reading this several weeks before the closing date, we urge you to register on the site now: www.judgify.me/2016apas - but read through the guide below first! While it has been extensively tested, early registration will show up any remaining teething problems in time to sort them out. You will still have until the closing date (see front page) to actually submit your entries.

* Illustrated guide to registration and entry *

When you follow the link on the 'How to Enter' page it will take you to the entry system at judgify.me.

screenshot front page

Click 'submit an entry' and if you are not registered you will see the login / register page - please note these are pictures on this page, not live pages!  You need to go to the actual Judgify site to action these links.  

login page

Click 'register' and you will see the 'entrant profile' registration form:

entrant profile form

Fairly self-explanatory - just note that if claiming eligibility for discount entry fees you need to either enter a RIG member company in the 'Company Name' box. Click 'submit' and you will shortly get email confirmation. You can then return to the front page of the site (as in the top image above) at any time to add, edit or submit your entries, by first clicking the  

IMPORTANT TIP: if when you return to the site, you see the front of the main Judgify site instead of the dedicated APAs site (as shown above) simply use the link http://www.judgify.me/2016apas to get to the correct page 

Here is the entry form:

entry form

You don't need to enter the nominee details again if you are nominating yourself. Check the Audio Production Awards website for information on audio file and written documents - all categories need both. Click 'confirm' and you'll be taken to the listing of your entries:

saved entries

At this point you can proceed to payment, or add more entries, or return at a later date to progress your entries.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP: if you're looking for your 'Draft Entries' page and instead you find yourself on the 'Submission Details' page (both shown above) simply scroll down to the bottom of the form and click the 'Cancel' button.  This will take you to your 'Draft Entries' page

Any queries please email the address below to contact the organising team.

* The APAs are organised by RIG through its trading arm RIG Events Ltd, admin address: c/o Kim Mason, 21 Pembroke Rd, London N10 2HR
registered office: unit 2, Olympic Court, Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool, Lancs FY4 5GU
registered at Companies House in England and Wales
** The submissions and judging system is based on Judgify.me