Archive - The RPAs in the Years prior to 2015


The RPAs have their roots in a proposal by Clive Stanhope, a founder-member of the Radio Independents Group, put to the RIG AGM in 2006 when he committed RIG to stage an Awards that would recognise the production skills of individuals across the range of radio broadcasting.  It would thus be distinctive from other Awards that rewarded radio stations, programmes and presenters.

However due to financial constraints, it wasn't until 2010 that the first Radio Production Awards were held, promoted jointly with the Radio Academy, and with the invaluable support of their Secretariat until 2014.

Accordingly the archive of previous years' winners, prior to 2015, was held on the Radio Academy website, until that was lost during a major redesign of the RA website in 2014-15.  You can however view some of the old pages on the 'Web Archive' - click here to view (opens in a new window).

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